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What are your models for?

The models on our pages are 3D representations of real-world items. They are used by various artists, animators, graphic designers for their projects. The models are imported into various 3D programs, textured (color and or surface details) and otherwise manipulated to fit the users needs. The projects that the user might include our models on vary widely from still artwork, animations on film, web or broadcast video, book illustration, catalog illustration, web design......the list goes on and on.

What is a 3D Model?

A 3D Model is a virtual representation of a real world item. It is constructed inside a computer with points in 3D space (vertices) tied together with lines (splines or edges) and grouped together to form faces. These faces are then grouped together and manipulated to form the final model. There are many different base techniques to build 3D models.

How do I use your models?

First, read the USE AGREEMENT posted on our pages. Once you've agreed to the terms contained therein, you simply save and unzip the models onto your hard drive. In most 3D applications you go to FILE on the screen menu and select IMPORT. The model should show on the screen in a few seconds. The things that you can do with the model after import are dependant on the program you're working in.

What format are your models?

The models you find on the downloads page are 3DS models. 3DS is a common format for 3D models. It gets it's abbreviation from 3D Studio and is the native format for that application and subsequent versions.
We use the 3DS format because of it's more compact file size and the widespread adoption of the format with input plug-ins over many applications. ALMOST all 3D programs can import 3DS.

Can I use your models on a Mac?

All of our models are constructed on PC's for PC's. However, a great man (Daniel Whiteside) has created applescripts that convert our models to a Mac readable format. See the link on the downloads page to get the applescripts.

What programs do you use to construct these models?

We do the majority of our work in 3D Studio Max . However, some models go through several different programs and process' before being ready for posting. Some of the other programs that we use regularly are Photoshop, Metastream, Bryce, Poser, Raydream, Raydream 3D, Pixel 3D, various converters and 2D Cad programs.

Can I post the models on your page on my pages for download?

Re-distribution of our models is strictly prohibited in their current form or in any modified form. Tracking the numbers of downloads of each model on our pages is the only way we have of judging the public's interests. To have models spread all over the web would defeat this and ultimately degrade the quality of our downloads. In short, no you can't.

Can I send you my models to post on your pages?

I'm sorry but we do not accept submissions for the downloads pages. All models on our pages are our own creations. There are however many sites that do accept submissions. Try www.3dCafe.com, I'm sure they'd be interested.

Can I email you my artwork?

One of the greatest pleasures in what we do is seeing what others come up with in their artwork. We'd love to see the results, however, we get tons of email everyday and unfortunately our mailbox has limited capacity. If you would instead send us an email with a URL where we can view the images, we'd be glad to take a look and give you some feedback. Please don't email bmp's or jpegs.

Are your models 'Posable' in Poser?

Currently we don't do PZ formatted models. However, there are techniques shown on the web to make the models posable. This does however require a fair amount of skill. Check www.renderosity.com for details.

Are your models 'Textured' for use in Poser?

Most of our models are not 'pre-textured'. The ruins models in Meshes 6 do have poser style textures
applied to them but the rest of the collection does not. You will have to apply individual textures once
the models are imported into Poser just as you will in programs.

How do you determine what is shown on the downloads page?

Your feedback is ultimately the determining factor on what types of models show up on the downloads page. Be sure to send your requests or suggestions to the address at the bottom of this page.

Why do you do it?

Wow, that's a big question!
We started the free downloads almost ten years ago. At the time there weren't many people modeling items for use in poser. There where virtually no clothes and very little hair available for free. We figured out a way to model them and started offering them for free to friends who used poser. It quickly snowballed. We also started modeling various static items for Bryce.
With the advent of the 'Meshes' series of CD's available for sale, we found a way to make our models marketable to the general public. Response has been overwhelmingly good on the Meshes CD's and we intend to continue to offer great value, great quantity for the money and great quality models for a long time to come. Our many thanks to those who have purchased in the past and an open invitation to give us a try to those who haven't.


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