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Dragon Scales in Bryce..........

Just a quickie on making scales in Bryce. There's already a texture in the basic section that will work, you just need to tweak it out a bit.

Go to the material editor after selecting the object you want to apply it to and in the right hand column select the presets triangle at the top right corner. Under 'Basic' choose 'Basic Triangle'.

Click the 2nd pink button from the left in the same box, top line, to open the Deep Texture Editor and set colors up as follows, of course you can adjust the colors to your liking.

scalesDeepTex.JPG (60193 bytes)

Click the checkmark (lower right) to exit back to the material editor and set the columns up as follows.........

scalesMatEd2.JPG (68140 bytes)

While there click the first button, top of right hand column to pull up the edit texture box and adjust the over all scale of the texture down to around -250 (adjust to suit your model. Also see that the texture is applied to world space (although other settings offer other affects)

Check mark your way out of all windows and head back to your scene.

Here's a render of our dragonhead2 with the scale texture applied.......

dragonhead2openthm.JPG (12394 bytes)

Make sure you have anit-aliasing on when rendering or you'll get a lot of speckles.

Just a simple texture but a handy one for people doing 'critters'


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