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Poser 2 Max


Poser 3 Texture 2 Max

Another frequent email question we get is how to apply Poser textures to a Poser figure imported into Max.

This tutorial is with Poser3 patched and Max 2.5, as you will see, it really is quite e-z once you know the process........

1)Export your poser figure in >>3DS<< format. 3DS will carry the original poser UV mapping co-ordinates needed for proper mapping.

2)Import your 3DS figure into max using the file>import menu

3)Make sure the entire figure is selected

4)Open the materials editor........

POSERTOMAX1.jpg (34740 bytes)

5) Click on a material slot, scroll down and open the 'Maps' list. Select  the box next to 'diffuse' (marked with star above)

POSERTOMAX2.jpg (19261 bytes)

6)Select 'Bitmap'

POSERTOMAX3.jpg (36073 bytes)

7)When the material editor re-appears, click on the 'Bitmap:' box under Bitmap Parameters (shown)

When the file box pops up, go to the directory where your poser texture is located and select the desired tiff file

(using Nude Woman Texure.TIF in this example)


POSERTOMAX4.jpg (38303 bytes)

8)When the material editor re-appears hit the 'apply' button (marked) and that's it!

POSERTOMAX5.jpg (6339 bytes)

Your texture is applied to the model correctly. Using 3ds imports maintains the original mapping co-ordinates.



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