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Bryce Texture Output


 Bryce Texture Output

The beauty of this technique is in it's simplicity! Bryce has a great texture editor that's capable of producing some really natural looking (and sometimes pretty wild ) textures. However, there's no way to get the textures out to another program (like poser or ray dream). Please read the note at the bottom of this page.

Here's a way to use Bryce you may not have thought of before. Let's get some more mileage out of Bryce textures!

btexout1.jpg (4020 bytes)


Simply create a box in a new scene as above. Select the ground plane and 'delete' it.

btexout2.jpg (10722 bytes)

Go to the sky selector and select the white sky as shown above.

btexout3.jpg (3323 bytes)

Set the sun so that the sun is at the lower center of the indicator as above.

btexout4.jpg (16302 bytes)

Select your material and apply it to the box. We're using one of the textures from the 'rocks and stones' presets here.

Using the '2' and '3' buttons to change your view from side to top, use the zoom tool (marked by a magnifying glass with a '+' lower right margin) to zoom in so that the image fills the window.

Now simply render the image. Take the render into your favorite paint program, crop the unwanted border areas and you've got a new texture!

btexout5.jpg (6469 bytes)

Try both the top and side views for different effects.

btexout8.jpg (4365 bytes)

Also try different mapping settings. Each setting will give you different results.

Also try the same techniques using cylinders and spheres. They give really neat effects when rendered.

Here's some example textures rendered off a cube with various mapping.

btexout6.jpg (5330 bytes) btexout7.jpg (5052 bytes)

Same texture-spherical mapping           'Lava' texture-parametric scaled

Hope I've given you a few new things to try. Sometimes the simplest things are the most fun!


Please note that the textures that come with Bryce are property Metacreations Corp. and should be used only for your own personal use. You should not re-distribute original or modified original textures!!!


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