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Bryce Textures


How Bryce Applies Textures

Bryce uses an absolute co-ordinate system to map textures onto objects. Because of this the side walls on most of our buildings need to be positive when applied to the right side and inverted when applied to the left.

'Right' is the right side when facing the front of the building and 'Left' is the left side when facing the building.

BEConcblocknumbertest.jpg (99593 bytes)

This is the BEBlockNumberTest texture on the Meshes 3 CD. As you can see the numbers are used as a reference system.

tut2-2.jpg (59818 bytes)

Here is the number test texture applied to the RIGHT side of a building. 

tut2-1.jpg (55898 bytes)

The same texture applied to the LEFT side of the building with the same OBJECT SIDE mapping.

No amount of flipping or arranging in Bryce that I've found will make this come out correctly.

The answer is to invert the texture around the vertical axis external to bryce and use it for the texture.

Note this is only needed when there is lettering such as a billboard applied to the texture. 

For the front and back of the building use 'Object Front' mapping.

The same inversion principles apply there also.



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